Our Mission Statement

Pharmaceutical Research Clinic

Our mission is to conduct clinical trials for the private and public sector of the healthcare industry through a diverse patient population. We incorporate data that assist in the development of innovative medicines and diagnostic tools. We strive to advance the quality of health for all individuals.

We are strongly committed to the safety of our patients and the integrity of our data.
Georgia Clinical Research provides patients an opportunity to take part in clinical research trials for a wide variety of medical conditions. Research participants undergo careful evaluation by study physicians and are closely followed by our medical staff.
 The Georgia Clinical Research is a company in the Atlanta GA Area that specializes in testing of new pharmaceutical products. It was founded 15 years ago by someone who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. She was heavily involved in conducting researches for the trials of certain drugs but got tired of it eventually. She ended up putting up a clinic where she helps a lot of companies to run some trials on their products in order to get the necessary clearance for mass production and release.

 The clinical research in Atlanta, GA does not only cater to companies that are looking to test their newest items that they want to hit the market as soon as possible. They are also catering to those who are making living out of the same job - being test subjects. It employs eligible patients and they are paid for the trials done. As it turns out, the company has a track record of helping many people.

But the trust of the company is the conduct of clinical tests. It is its bread and butter and it has built its own reputation in this field. Those who have tried the services of this clinic come back from time to time because of their good experience while doing business with them.

There are a lot more about the history of the company and the numerous works it has done so far that can be learned through our official website, If you want to visit the clinic, we are located at 2121 Fountain Drive, Suite A in Snellville, near Atlanta GA. You can also call us at (678) 822-5581 or send us an email at [email protected] We will be happy to entertain your questions and proposals for business.